Who Am I?

A Beautiful Young Lady

I'm am Tia Williams.

I am 12 years old and an up coming 8th grader. My birthday is June 2. I have many favorite colors like blue, pink, purple, lime green, and etc. Both of my parents are from Louisiana, mom from New Orleans and dad from Baton Rouge. My favorite team is the New Orleans Saints (WHO THAT BABY!) and I love seafood so much. Especially when I go to Louisiana and my grandma makes gumbo or just any kind of seafood.

What I'm Passionate About

I love to hang with family and friends. I am also passionate about achieving in school now to become a family doctor in the future. In my free time I like to watch tv, play Roblox, listen to music, do my nails, play with my dog Bentley, cook, watch youtube, go on Dubsmash, and go on Tik Tok. Speaking of Tik Tok you can follow me at @yo.girlpretty_tia

Then on Dubsmash you can follow me at tia_cute.27

Where To Find Me?

School: I go D.A.T.E Academy which stands for Dekalb Agriculture of Techonolgy and Environment. Recently my school just changed it's name because at first the a stood for Academy. While we are out of school my school is currently building an auditorium for drama and band. My friends are Anaiyah and Yostena. As you may not know Anaiyah is in coding with me and we go to the same school.


My Extra Curricular Activities: Over the years I have played many sports like: basketball, soccer, swimming, dance, gymnastics, and volleyball. Now currently I am in step and considering going back to softball. My step team is called DSSD which stands for Daughter, Sister, Stepper, Dancer. I am also in girl scouts and selling cookies are fun. In school I am in beta club with my friend Anaiyah. Beta Club is so fun because we get to help the community by going to nursing homes for Christmas and Valentines. When we go to the nursing homes we give blankets and heartfelt cards with encouraging words. Also in Beta Club in the fall we go to Savannah Georgia for a big competetion where betas from places in the U.S come and compete in different categories.


My Hobbies: My hobbies include doing my nails, playing with my dog, playing sports, going on Dubsmash, playing Roblox, going on Tik Tok/Youtube, hanging with family/friends, and cooking.


In Conclusion

I hoped you enjoyed visiting my profolio webpage of me (Tia Williams) and learned different things about me that you probably knew or didn't.